Before entering into the real estate business you need to understand the types of real estate at first!

A real estate property which are consists of many things such as buildings, roads, fixtures, utility systems and structures. Real estate is an efficient business which is handled by brokers and dealers who help to buy and sell a property for their clients. There are several types in this real estate business and each and every type has a link with one another. Real estate business is actually differentiated for a unique purpose and for the people who are looking to get a clear idea about this industrial works, here we have given the basic representation about the real estate business types. Reading out this will give a very clear idea and it will be helpful for the persons who are willing to start this business.

Main categories

Real estate is been divided into 4 main categories and they are as follows

  • Land

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Industry


1. Land: This land forms the bottom line for the other different types of real property and it basically refers to the property which are undeveloped and also the place which are vacant. The developers who look for those particular lands will acquire that land and they will combine the land with other different properties and it is basically called as assembly. Rezone is the other process here which is done by the developers to increase the land density and this will in turn increase the property value rapidly.


2. Residential: This is the real estate which carries the houses for the human beings to live upon it. It is the most familiar and also common type of the real estate and it is also stated as the asset class as most of the people are extremely familiar with it. Under residential there are different segments and they are,


  • Single house

  • Apartments

  • Villas

  • Village houses


3. Commercial: It is the property under real estate which refers to the land which is used for business purpose. The best examples for this commercial real estate are as follows,


  • Shopping malls

  • Commercial  stores

  • Commercial buildings

  • Medical shops or centers

  • Hotels


4. Industries: It will be the next type under real estate and it refers to all the land and the buildings which are particularly used for the purpose of industrial businesses. The industrial activities handled under this type can be such as,


  • Running factories

  • Mechanical productions

  • Research and development

  • Construction

  • Transportation

  • Logistics

  • Warehousing


These are the commonly found industrial set up and they come under real estate as the fourth important type. Understanding these types will be the most important task which is to be carried out by the people before starting their real estate business. Apart from this there are also several other factors which are involved with this real estate and all constitute together to form an excellent business. It is considered as the excellent business to produce enormous profit and altogether it will be really excellent to start the business by preparing oneself clearly.